Digital Marketing

You’ve invested in a website, now it’s time to see a return. Put digital marketing specialists to work for your business and start realizing the potential of your website.

There’s no single formula for driving traffic to a website. At IST we consider all the options in our toolbox—from SEO and PPC to email marketing, social media advertising and beyond—to craft the perfect approach for each client and each stage in their evolution. Our digital marketing solutions are based on sound strategy and the idea that results need to be seen to be believed.


To give direction to our work, we begin by researching keywords and questions that are popular in your niche. This tells us not only what people are looking for, but what kind of problems they’re facing and how we can position your product or service as a solution to those problems.


We then conduct a deeper analysis of your website and any current or past digital marketing initiatives. Before driving traffic to your website, we want to make sure it’s fully optimized and ready to convert that traffic. This analysis covers content, site layout, calls to action, design, architecture and so much more.


Prepared with detailed stats and insights, we develop a digital marketing strategy. This roadmap includes a breakdown of responsibilities, a list of ROI metrics and a detailed plan of action for the first phase. Whether you run a large or small business, we’ll tailor a digital marketing plan to your needs.


Here is where we put strategy into action, starting with the highest priority tasks. In many cases we use PPC to test and refine messaging before turning to SEO, which supports more sustainable results. Depending on your needs we might also implement email or social media marketing initiatives, including contests, giveaways and other forms of traffic generation.

Traffic Growth

While we regularly report to you on the success of our initiatives, we’ll also use that intelligence to refine our methods and the website if needed. We know the web is a dynamic environment—one that requires digital marketing solutions to evolve and adapt constantly for maximum return on investment.

Our Marketing Services

By offering a wide range of digital marketing services, we can tailor our approach to any business – big or small, established or just starting out. Learn more about our strategic b2b and b2c online marketing solutions below.

A comprehensive document including every step, responsibility and channel needed to execute a successful project.
A detailed blueprint that uses research and analysis to guide the content creation process. Includes user personas, brand voice and content auditing results.
Expert setup and management of PPC campaigns designed to drive qualified traffic and make the most of every penny.
Eye-catching ads designed to reach your target market, on the social media platforms that align with your brand.
Strategic refinements to your website to improve its visibility and ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.
Strategic campaigns to increase brand engagement and drive traffic to relevant pages of your website. Campaigns are responsive (mobile-friendly) and adhere to anti-spam laws.